The level of competence and expertise Halton provides through innovative ventilation solutions that require a high level of air quality and cleanliness, such as Operating theaters, Isolation rooms, and Laboratories, is unsurpassed. This knowledge and evolving research provide the springboard for antiviral solutions to mitigate virus transmission. These solutions, along with increased ventilation rates, social distancing, masks, and increased hygiene, reduce the probability of virus spread.

Virus mitigation is critical in many businesses today

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Join our free webinar on November 18, 2020, to explore how Halton solutions can strengthen your virus mitigation strategies on board ships and offshore platforms.

Henrik Hansen, Halton Marine's Director of Business Development, and Mika Kirjavainen, Halton Marine's Technology Director, provides an insightful presentation on different potential solutions aboard ships and offshore platforms and what Halton has to offer in mitigating the virus, enabling safer indoor air.

Webinar: Virus mitigation through Halton solutions

Halton Group is the global technology leader in indoor air solutions for demanding spaces. The company develops and provides solutions for commercial and public premises, healthcare institutions and laboratories, professional kitchens and restaurants as well as energy production environments and marine vessels. Halton’s mission is to provide its end-users with safe, comfortable, and productive indoor environments that are energy-efficient and comply with sustainable principles.

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A 24"x48" fixture designed to fit in standard ceiling system. Multiple units thoughout the space can be utilized during unoccupied times to disinfect up to 99.99% of all exposed surfaces.

UVGI overhead lighting unit

Halton offers two type of local mobile air filtration units for virus mitigation, to purify dedicated spaces. Can be moved to any area with 24/7 operation principle. Two models available; model based on HEPA filtration and a model with UVGI filtration.

Local and mobile filtration units

Globally certified anti-viral films can be used for touch screens, room thermostats or in any touchable devices. The unique product has been proven to kill both viruses and bacteria on its surface. The continuous back-and-forth movement of electrons triggers an antimicro bial effect in the metal which eventually kills 99.9% of germs. 

Anti-Virus Film for touch screens


Enabling Wellbeing

Halton has over 50 years of experience in enabling wellbeing in demanding indoor environments.


Henrik Hansen, Director of Business Development, and Mika Kirjavainen, Technology Director of Halton Marine, are long-term marine professionals who have together well over 60 years of experience in marine industry.

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Halton Quattro Aero is a four-stage-filtration system that has a combination of multiple, well studied and established air purification technologies. The modular construction enables the system to be installed close to nearly any size of a fancoil whether public or cabin fancoil.

Halton Quattro Aero for fancoils providing ultimate filtration

The effectiveness of UVGI against virus and bacteria has been known for years and Halton is currently involved in several projects dimensioning the necessary requirement for UVGI disinfection in ventilation ducts, inside air handling units and fancoils.

UVGI solutions for fancoils and air handling units

The typically used constant airflow valve in fancoil supply side can be replaced with Halton Fancoil VAV damper. Instead of constant airflow designed according to minimum needed fresh air flow, the AC can now operate with variable air volume that can be controlled with automation.

Fresh air adjustment damper for fancoils